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Painless theme

Безболезненная тема

The answer to the question: what unexpected fright of Vladimir Putin was troubled by the history of the World — easier than it seems.

All people older than 90 years (ie, older than 30 years, somehow with difficulty fit the war party) in Russia 780 thousand persons, from them men — 133 thousand (Yes, already high gender imbalance after 70 becomes dramatic).

That was something that figure to compare, in Russia ~250 thousand dollar millionaires. Twice more than all men, like something passing on the veteran’s minimum requirement.

It is possible to say that a generation for whom war is a personal recollection, significantly over.

What makes any historical discussion of this period absolutely sterile. When you die living witnesses when the event goes beyond the bounds of human life — already there is no difference between 1945 and 1918, 1905, 1856, 1812 or 1480.

It seems that the Crimean war closer to us than Standing on the Ugra river. Actually no, both of them are in the category of ancient history, where in 10 years finally passed the Second World war.

I will try to show the run even clearer: living witness 1945, today the same age as the Moscow Olympics in 1980 was to witness the Russo-Japanese war, and Stalin’s “Great terror” — the Manifesto of Alexander II to abolish serfdom.

The Soviet Union, Third Reich, USA, France, Britain, Japan is the Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens, greyjoys and the Baratheons. Completely random sets of characters, locations, events. Of which everyone is free to choose and interpret to your taste.

But. On the background of 70 years of ideological indoctrination, all these abstract discussions that do not have bearing to the present day, to mimic actual. In the process of which the participants enthusiastically tear the meat from the bones of the opponent.

To take a company of such a debate, which, on the one hand, it is very much like political, successfully substituting it with other to the surrounding reality has nothing to do — it is quite competent, he gives in this report or not (probably not) the policy of the autocrat.

The increase in VAT and the retirement age, the non-admission of candidates in the ballots, second decade without economic growth is a very important, very painful, very boring topic. Principled position on Stalin, happily pomershie 67 years ago — very fun, completely harmless and totally pointless.

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