Sunday , November 19 2017

Patented round Apple Watch

Judging by the latest patent, we are waiting for a round Apple Watch In two patent applications, refers to “Electronic device having display with curved edges”. Studies have been conducted since January of this year. According to the patent, the watch will get a new screen from edge to edge …

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Found a new planet suitable for life

Scientists have named four of the planet on which people could move. Permanent space discoveries gave mankind the idea that in the future it can change your home and explore other planets. Because scientists have named the four planets on which people could move. After the discovery of Proxima B …

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Called familiar foods that can be poisonous

These products can harm your health!There is not a thrill-seeker who is willing to pay big money for poisonous snakes in restaurants or puffer fish, the use of which can easily lead to death. But what if we tell you that every day you are subjected to such extreme, just …

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