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The most effective product for prevention of stomach cancer

Назван самый эффективный продукт для профилактики рака желудкаScientists at the University of Adelaide was named the most useful product for the prevention of gastric cancer.

The researchers were able to establish that the ingestion of grape seed able to provide substantial assistance in the prevention of cancer.

According to experts, this product is most efficient in the fight against stomach cancer. The researchers emphasize that grape seeds can help in opposition to such unpleasant consequences as intestinal mucositis. In some surveys under the direction of the security check medical use bean these berries had failed to detect any side effects.

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The use of grape seed, according to experts, has no negative effects on the human body. Today it is too early to talk about the treatment with the help of this method, however, experts believe that this approach should be considered as an effective addition to moderate effects with chemotherapy.

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