Tuesday , August 14 2018

In the Kiev subway dismantled most illegal MAF-s

The kiosks, created on the basis of complete contracts, continue to work. Moscow metro continues work on dismantle of small architectural forms that do not comply with fire safety Regulations. Only the subway has already been removed 90% of the Mafs, which do not meet the standards. Today on consideration …

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Nasirov said that he didn’t have a heart attack

According to Nasirov, the case in which it appears, there is a political context. Suspended the head of the State fiscal service Roman Nasirov said that he had a heart attack and a hypertensive crisis and preinfarction angina. In an interview with RBC-Ukraine Nasirov also added that he didn’t do …

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How many Beers you can drink without harm for health

Half a liter of beer will not harm the body. Spanish researchers claim that half a liter of beer a day benefit the health of the person. But exceeding this dose has resulted in harm. Moderate consumption of beer may reduce the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, according …

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