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Over a Russian city “spotted” a mysterious alien ship

Над российским городом "засекли" таинственный корабль пришельцевUFO frightened inhabitants of Omsk the bright flashes.

Mysterious UFO frightened the inhabitants of the Russian Omsk bright flashes. A strange object in the sky citizens have noticed in the Leninsky district of the city.

Information about this appeared in the social network “Vkontakte”.

Eyewitnesses captured the strange sparkling dots in the night sky that dazzled the residents for a minute, and then disappeared from sight. The person who posted this video on the virtual resource, I’m sure the extraterrestrial origin of the objects they recorded. His opinion was supported by the ufologists. These explorers of the skies say that in Omsk there is a special energy area, which attracts the aliens, so they appear on the town more often than on others.

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However, there were users, criticized the publication. They recommended that the author of the video not to use serious drugs, because only in a state of altered consciousness in this video you can see aliens. Scientists advise people not to be classified as a UFO all the objects whose origin they cannot explain. Now the military used airships of the new type, and ordinary citizens can call them the “flying saucer” aliens.

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