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One of the brightest characters of the universe of “Mad max” back in the Wasteland!

The Creator of”Mad max”, the great George Miller, this year I turned 72, but he ambition is not lost. According to his assertions, already written two scenarios for future sequels to successful pictures 2015, the closest of which will be called “Mad Max: a Wasteland” (“Mad Max: The Wasteland”). In the role of a desperate warrior single again will be Tom hardy, and recently, Miller shared his plans about another interesting inhabitant of the post-apocalyptic desert world.

Yes, it is that the blind guitarist of “Road of fury”that its brief appearance on the screen caused the wildest excitement among the fans of the Saga. But if up to this point a character called Doof Warrior, it seemed only a vivid background decoration several memorable scenes of the chase, now his story will be revealed much, and he is obviously not the last place in the plot of “Wasteland”. Miller himself explains:

I know who was his mother. I know this is dumb, and the blind man managed to survive the Apocalypse. I know his story! When we start creating the next film, Doof Warrior definitely will!

After the coolest action we saw in “Road rage” – how not to believe Miller? Looking forward to the continuation of the Banquet!

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