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On USA “spotted” a mysterious alien ship

Над США "засекли" таинственный корабль инопланетянThe photographer saw a UFO in California near the “witch’s stone”.

In California, the photographer has spotted a UFO while filming scenery in Lassen volcanic national Park. Mysterious object circling near the “witch’s stone”.

California residents witnessed the arrival of aliens while Hiking in the national volcanic Park. At one point in front of them there was a mysterious “witch’s stone” with a distinct image of a female face. The photographer immediately took up his professional camera, but failed the first time to get a good picture with a UFO. Upon returning home, witnesses mysterious events reviewed the pictures and only on one of the images noticed a strange cigar-shaped object seen in the sky over their heads while walking.

The photo was captured of a UFO, which was moving with great speed. For this reason, the aliens got only one photo of many.

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