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On the beaches of Kiev will appear several new products

На киевских пляжах появятся несколько новинокOn Trukhanov let electric cars, and on the beach “Venice” will build the tower.

A bathing season on the beaches of Kiev will appear several new products. So, in the hydro going to build a maze and ice for the rink. And on the beach “Venice” will be the tower, both in Los Angeles.
Labyrinth on the beach

In Hydropark in early may, want to launch new attractions: a maze with an area of 964 sq. m with a play area and roller rink 800 sq m and a skating rink with a refrigeration unit, allowing the ice not to melt even in the summer heat. This “news” told the Director of KP “the Kiev center for urban environment development” Denis pivnev. The maze will be green space, and special structures. Walking around interesting for both children and adults. How to cool off in the summer at the ice rink,” he says.

By the way, according to the system”, Prosaro”, the maze will cost 3.58 million UAH, and the roller skating-rink — 3.3 million “the theme opens in may for the Eurovision song contest,” says Pevnev. Also in the hydro restored summer cinema, which will establish the modern equipment, and restore the Central alley of the Park, as it has long been in need of repair.
Island hydrobond

Trukhanov island planned to turn it into one of the main sites for active recreation for residents and tourists. “Visitors will offer to leave the car at the entrance and take the bikes or e-bikes, Segways and hydrology. Tourists can travel around the island in electric vehicles, for which we are working on a special track. On the territory of Trukhanov will be a few rentals of these vehicles,” says Pevnev. Besides, if you enter the island equip the area with a large barbecue area, playgrounds, and basketball, volleyball and Playground Workout. And complex “X-Park” on Trukhanov will open a new football field.

In addition, for the season I want to run the cable car, which are developed by experts from Switzerland. “Originally wanted to run the cable car to the Eurovision song contest, to be able to come down from the Arch of friendship of peoples through the Postal area on Trukhaniv. But without having deadlines, I decided to do effortlessly. However, there is a high probability that the contest will be presented the concept of the project”, — said “news” in Department of transport infrastructure KSCA. However, how long will it take for the construction of roads after the project presentation, experts find it difficult to imagine.
Water check faster

The plan is to introduce an accelerated procedure for monitoring the quality of water for bathing. “Technology of Colilert-18 will allow for the analysis of water for presence of E. coli in 18 hours instead of the traditional 72 hours. It is not the first year used in the US and Europe”, — says adviser to the mayor Dmitry Belotserkovets. Another new product for the summer on the beaches of Kiev — a special seat amphibian for people with disabilities. The service will be free, and to help people with disabilities will be livgarde rescue.
Livgarde and tower, in Venice

Already being set in the beach patrol. “80 people applied, but only on the beaches of Kiev will be not less than 120 liphanov, even more than in the resort area of Odessa. After two weeks, the contestants will be tested. Qualifiers will still have two weeks to teach. Future rescuers will be trained in the skills of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, a defibrillator and regulations for the disabled”, — says the head of KP “Pleso” Pikalov Denis.

Wages beach patrol promise about 330 UAH per day or 8 thousand UAH per month, which, in the opinion of management, may zainteresoval students wishing to earn additionally in the summer. And even for the entourage on the beach “Venice” build a replica of the rescue tower Copacabana beach in Los Angeles. “The tower in the first place, it’s an art object, but the observation functions to perform, of course, will. With time, maybe on other beaches install such structures,” says Pikalov.

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