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Oleg Vdovenko: selection of the most cold art of recent years

About Tula artist Oleg Vdovenko on the Internet. The guy praised as stunning technique of art, and unique sense of humor. But why go far — just last week he scored that spontaneously launched a flash mob, in which Director Sarik Andreasyan pelted with penises.

It is known that Vdovenko hard at work on the company AMT Games and generally came to success. Read more about how it started, how people perceive his work and so-forth, you can read a great interview that Oleg gave webzine DARKER in 2013. There you can find his work in those years. They are all wonderful, but time does not stand still, as well as the artist in his creative search. Therefore, we publish a selection of more recent art by Oleg Vdovenko.

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Black humor the author has not disappeared, but the terror increased. It’s not just a twisted body-horror with a gleaming muscles grotesque mutants. Shown here is a fantastic short and often really creepy moments, which at times felt stories. On many of these concepts I want to see the movies, isn’t it? In short, Drools and breathtaking.

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Arts for 2015.

Arts for the year 2016.

And finally the most recent arts for 2017.

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