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Official: the series “the Lord of the rings” – to be!

Barely a couple of weeks from the moment it was announced talks about a possible TV series “Lord of the rings” (The Lord of The Rings), and then came the official news: a familiar and beloved story is really moving on TV.

Company Amazon acquired the rights to the television adaptation of the legendary fantasy Saga of JRR Tolkien. All the legal issues settled, you can slowly to start production. It is reported that the deal marked more than one season, but several, including a possible spin-offs. A separate series about Aragorn or Gimli?


The project is not yet attached to any one writer, so the details of the story can not speak, however, there is information that the series will focus on the events preceding the novel “the fellowship of the ring”. Apparently not as early as “the hobbit”. In any case – very interesting.

In the production in addition , Amazon Studios will participate Tolkien Estate (representatives of the heirs of the author), the publishing house HarperCollins, and division Warner Bros. Entertainment at New Line Cinema.

The date of the start of filming, plans for the release show on the screens, about caste, about Gollum, in the end, there is no information. But she will appear. Let’s wait for the news from middle-earth.

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