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Now Sobchak invited Zakharov to the debate without conditions

Теперь Собчак пригласила Захарову на дебаты без условий

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak took the baton and invited the official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova to the debate. She said that it will not nominate any conditions for their conduct.

Sobchak asked a question in your telegram-channel “Bloody lady”, do “brave woman” Maria Zakharova chickened out. “If you see the conditions are not suitable, I am ready at all times to tell you, Mary, that you are a propagandist and that the international policy of the Russian Federation — outrageous — written by the presenter. — And about your interview, I generally keep quiet. I have per your thesis has something to say.”

However, suggested Sobchak, Zakharova maybe this time to refer to employment. “Or you already called and forbade anyone to debate people with opposing views?” — says TV presenter.

We will remind, the night before the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova was invited opposition leader Alexei Navalny to the debate through his Facebook page. The occasion was posted on the video channel policy on the statement Zakharova, who thinks that overseas travel became available to too many Russians. He immediately agreed, saying on Twitter. Online debate was to be held on 1 may on YouTube channel “Bulk Live”.

As the Bulk of the rules suggested debate format: the assumption of the three-minute, question-answer, the politician said. The moderator was to act as journalist Alexei Pivovarov.

But then Zakharova said that “Navalny did not want” to communicate directly. And the proposed debate rules called “censorship.” Navalny said he was ready to debate on any terms.

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