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NO: Lady Gaga is NOT returned to “American horror story”

Happy early fans of Gaga. The rumor that the Queen of pop, who played a couple seasons of the series-the anthology “American horror story”will return in the new, seventh season, has turned out to be just rumors.

The source of the rumors was a Vogue magazine article which claimed that Lady Gaga has a role in the new history. More relevant kinomanskie resource of Entertainment Weekly this false information was denied.

Well, someone was in awe of the acting talent of the singer, but I personally have not. Many promising season about the hotel I couldn’t even watch it, painfully, he looked like an incredibly tight clip Gaga.

In addition to this news (and for someone let it at least partially compensates for a retraction Gaga-rumors) – looking at the concept art “AIU”, which the show’s Creator Ryan Murphy posted on instagram. A strange looking demon with hands growing out of my head – um, Lady Gaga sure isn’t starring in this show?..

The seventh season will be devoted to politics, the inspired writers of the last presidential elections in the United States. The events of this season will start directly the night of the vote.

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