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No estimates of losses of economy from the government we can’t hear.

Никаких оценок потерь экономики со стороны правительства мы не слышим.

The scale of economic problems is not clear. It is clear that the provision of SWF enough not much and not for long.

The scale of the problems facing the Russian economy and the magnitude of the resulting budget problems is clearly underestimated. In the oil market we are talking about losses, not only from the reduction in published prices for Urals (just above $ 20 a barrel, with the cut-off price of 42,7 USD per barrel), but also in the loss of contracts due to the applied discounts from other producing countries. On minimum export prices for supply gas to Europe. Vault clogged, competing liquefied natural gas is going to flow. Falling prices for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

No estimates of losses of economy from the government we can’t hear. The only score by the siluanova — loss 3 trillion in oil revenues until the end of the year. In his words, this loss will eat planned surplus and require to be removed from the NWF 600 billion roubles for financing the planned total of all Federal spending. Estimates of GDP reduction in real income and consumption of citizens no results.

Putin has not announced the price of the issue on the proposed measures to combat the effects of the virus. Will the loss of the social Fund due to the decrease in the total rate to 15 percent. Other measures do not look expensive and are passed on to businesses, investors, and shareholders.

Absolutely do not clear the cost of funding losses “Aeroflot”, the rescue of the tourist industry, catering, tenants and landlords. Not understand the activities and their funding in the health sector in the light of the fight against the virus.

It is also clear that the proposals to increase payments sick leave, vacation pay, unemployment benefits are also not without budgetary support, the amount of the increase proposed is clearly too modest extent (within the minimum wage, that is, 12 Tr.)

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