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Nicole Kidman will play in the Thriller from the creators of “Invitation”

Karyn Kusama, well proved themselves on the dark side of cinema, is preparing a new project. He was called “the Destroyer” (Destroyer), and is already registered there beautiful Nicole Kidman, whom we remember and love the movie “the Others” and which will soon see in “the Killing of the sacred deer.” It is described as a police Thriller, where the focus will be a gang operating on the principle of worship.

Kidman will play a woman investigating which to remember the days of undercover work. At the time, she infiltrated the cult based somewhere in the California desert, and this event greatly influenced its fate. Of course, not for the better. But now the cult leader begins to manifest itself, and the heroine, Kidman, tormented by their own demons, is forced to return to the frightening past.

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Karyn Kusama directed “Women’s fight”, “Aeon flux,” “Jennifer’s Body” and “Invitation”, and also appeared in the horror anthology “XX”. In General, a certain level of trust she deserved. The script of “the Destroyer” writes Phil hay and Matt Manfredi, has repeatedly worked with Kusama. Besides, these two will be producers on the project along with Fred Berger (“La La Land”).

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About the premiere date is not yet known, but the film announced for 2018.

Karyn Kusama at work

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