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News review on 03.12.2019

Обзор новостей на 03.12.2019


1.The shortage of personnel in Russia
Speaking at a video conference to the participants of the National championship WorldSkills Hi-Tech-2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that 2030 may be a shortage of qualified personnel. The shortage may reach 3 million people.

2.In the Chelyabinsk region brought a batch of sausage with the virus of the African plague
Nothing new or surprising – this case is not the first and certainly not the last. Prior to this, imported the same “sausage” in the Sverdlovsk region.

3.To higher prices
According to analysts, in 2020 is expected to increase in the cost of communication services. The expected growth is at least 10%. When interviewed callers indicate that already today, the rates increased at a cost of about 40%.

4.Where did all the money from the Fund shareholders?
Deputies of the state Duma questioned the integrity of the insurers when transferring funds. Of they have collected more than five years of 57 billion in the Fund was directed only 3%. Insurance has paid 1.5 billion rubles. Thus, lost about 54 billion rubles, said the MPs.

5.Talking with people: a Rally-concert. Chelyabinsk, 09.11.2019 G.

6.Altai Krai: the Trading network has announced the increase of prices for buckwheat up to 80%
Purchasing prices on buckwheat in the Altai region has increased by 79% compared to the previous year, according to Altikriti. This may be due to the poor harvest of buckwheat in the region.
A ton of buckwheat in the Altai today can be purchased for 15,72 thousand rubles, which is 79,8% more than in 2018, the report says Articlestate.

7.Until the end of the year 6,5 thousand inhabitants of the Chelyabinsk region remain without work
According to 30 Oct, in October 2019 and January 2020 more than 6.5 thousand South Urals remain without work in connection with the liquidation of the organisations or reduction of number of employees and staff.

8.Talking with people: a Rally in Samara (09.11.2019 g)

9.Rostov oblast: catastrophic decline in commercial fish
On the scale of the problems expressed at the meeting of Maritime Council under the government of the region. As stated by the head of the Azov-black sea branch of FSBI “VNIRO” (“Azniirkh”) Nikolay gospodarev, replenishment of fish stocks in the Rostov region is at the lowest level for all history of observations.

10.About the situation around the plant in the Mountain
As we all know, in the Saratov region to build a plant for processing waste of different classes. On it, including will be processed highly hazardous waste 1 and 2 class. As reported in the news, the plant is expected to dispose of various equipment, transformers, condensers, waste chemical production (pesticides, toxic chemicals, acids, alkalis).

11.Statistics – a tool of deception
According to studies of economists in Russia is growing consumer confidence. However, experts say that Russians are increasingly concerned about their health, food prices and the state of the economy as a whole.

12.Article: the IDC for the people?
Yesterday partially opened the Moscow Central Diameters ( by the way, and so what ways exist which allowed trains “Oriole”) and I think this project is a real failure, and sabotage for decades at the end of the article:
Train of 6-7 cars . This savagery, these trains will not accommodate a large number of passengers. These trains are twice shorter than the usual comfortable trains, forcing passengers to run for a train and to be engraved in the composition, as herring in a barrel;

13.Malnourished elderly people were evacuated from the boarding house in Chelyabinsk
Thursday, November 14, in Chelyabinsk closed the boarding house for the elderly “Golden autumn”. A private institution located in the Leninsky district of the city and took the old round-the-clock accommodation for the money.

14.Loan burden grows
Another news related to the Finance of the population is the dissonance with the official policy in Russia. According to Bank analysts, the share of prepaid loans, the population is reduced. This trend is already not the first year, so in 2008 the figure was 28.6%, and for the first 10 months of 2019 – 22.7 per cent.

15.Irkutsk oblast Officials threaten residents with reprisals for complaining about
Residents of flooded districts of the Irkutsk region are faced with a new problem. Already, the region is kept stable below freezing, but many have to just to survive in conditions that otherwise inhuman call.

16.Magadan oblast: destroyed nearly a ton of caviar
In the Magadan region killed more than 800 kilograms of fish products. Mostly fish, salmon ROE and crab meat.

17.Ketovo (Kurgan region): Doctors unite for a large-scale protest
Doctors Ketovskiy hospital has created a primary cell of the Union of health workers “Alliance of doctors.” “I believe that the trade Union movement in Russia should be. And it has to be independent, to have weight and the ability to defend the interests of employees, and not the local authorities,” — said the Indian.

18.Sosnovy Bor (Sverdlovsk region): the Village can remain without heating the fault of the management company
Residents of the village of Sosnovy Bor, Sverdlovsk region, home to 1.5 thousand people can remain without heating because of a strike by stokers on the local boiler-house, which a few months without pay.

19.Article: Chelyabinsk “business” of real estate
More than a year ago our friend from Chelyabinsk wrote the piece about the medical “business”: where will innocent pensioners were persuaded, through the “personal call”, to pass free medical examination, and subsequently identified the disease with a proposal to fully cure and “rejuvenate” at the expense of a round sum, and who lacked the required amount easily right on the spot arrange the loan.

20.Aleksandrovsk (Perm region): the people live in a house without a roof
The people of Alexandrovsk are living in emergency house, which has almost destroyed the roof. The building is located on the street 3-go internatsionala.
“We do not sow, they say – no money, no funds. Three houses: 20, 22 and 24 is one of the oldest stone houses in Aleksandrovsk.

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