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News: In the game War Thunder the Japanese armored vehicles

Новость: В игре War Thunder появится японская бронетехника

Park of combat vehicles military online action games “War Thunder” will be completed with Japanese armor, perhaps the most unusual in the game. Announced the first machine from among the Japanese innovations was the self-propelled anti-aircraft gun Type 87.

The concept of the new anti-aircraft guns were based on German equivalent of the ZSU “Gepard”. Like its German counterpart, it was armed with two rapid-fire guns the Swiss “Oerlikon” caliber 35 mm.

In “War Thunder” ZSU Type 87 will take place at the V rank in the line of armored vehicles of Japan. In addition to combat air targets, the Type 87 can try his luck in the confrontation with ground equipment, pre-armed with armor-piercing and subcaliber shells. Good mobility and speed, which got the anti-aircraft gun with the chassis of the Type 74, allows quick access to convenient shelter or go to enemies in the flank, securing thus a small crew, covered with light armor.

It should be noted that the fact the car turned out so successful that some units are still in service.

In addition to the Type 87 future update will add the game and other models technology of Japan, including mnogobashenniye and armed with anti-tank guided missiles, tank and replenish the line
aviation and ground equipment of the USSR, USA, UK and Germany. To get acquainted with the new features in the coming weeks in the development Diary on the official website of “War Thunder”:

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