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News: 20th Century Fox has apologized for the fake news about Vladimir Putin and Donald trump

Новость: 20th Century Fox извинилась за фальшивые новости о Владимире Путине и Дональде Трампе

Film Studio 20th Century Fox has officially apologized for creating a promotional campaign of the film “the Cure for health” a series of fake news, the defendants were including Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald trump. A statement on the matter quotes the edition of The Wrap.

“In an effort to increase the awareness of the audience about our films, we do our best to push the usual boundaries of marketing and creative approach to informing consumers. In this case we made a mistake. Our campaign Network was inappropriate on all levels, given the level of trust of our customers, which we strive to maintain every day. We have revised the approval process of such decisions and have made appropriate changes to ensure that each part of the campaign will be properly checked to avoid similar errors in the future. We sincerely apologize,” – said in a statement.

Note that in the framework of the advertising campaign was created several fictitious information sites in different languages. The information on these, often sensational in nature, was reprinted in a very real media. In particular, in one of these notes was reported that Vladimir Putin and Donald trump met at the Swiss resort for a few months before the presidential elections in the United States.

Note that the film also happens in the medical center, located in the Swiss Alps.

Source: The Wrap

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