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New “Terminator” will ignore the events of Genesis

Fresh details straight from Arnold Schwarzenegger! The event called An Experience with Arnold Schwarzenegger the actor met with his British fans in Birmingham, and of course, a lot of questions about the upcoming film about the terminator.

Here’s what we learned:

● The picture is not exactly to be called “Terminator 6”.

● Robert Patrick is not included in the cast.

● The new film completely ignores the plot of the film “Terminator: Genesis”.

The film will be a direct sequel to judgement day, so it seems that James Cameron has just created his own Canon. Probably “rise of the machines” will also go into the furnace. There he and the road in General.

We will remind, the Director officially appointed Tim Miller (“Deadpool”), and Cameron will stand over him in the role of producer. At the moment assembled a powerful team of writers, which should determine the path of development of the franchise in a new trilogy. Involved such tough guys like David Goyer (“the Dark knight”), Charles Eglee (“Dark angel”) and Josh Friedman (“Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles…”).

We also expect a comeback of Linda Hamilton, performer of the role of Sarah Connor in the original novels. In addition, according to Cameron, there will be new faces:

We start searching girls about 18 years, which will be the new Central character of the story. We drop the time. We will have characters from the future and the present. Mostly will be new characters, but the characters of Arnold and Linda to combine it all.

It is expected that shooting will start in 2018. Premiere date not yet determined.

PS I did not dare to look at “Terminator: Genesis”, and now it turns out that it’s not necessary. Cool!

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