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New poster of “Nuns” is a reference to “the Exorcist”

Next month the world will be revealed a new Chapter in the horror universe of “the conjuring” by James WAN. And while fucking the doll Annabelle is resting, it takes a demonic nun.

Paws Zone Horror hit fresh poster “Curse the nuns” (The Nun) is quite nice and atmospheric. And he refers to the classic horror William Friedkin “the exorcist”. The priest with the hat and bag, standing with his back to us, – don’t tell me that is a coincidence!

The synopsis of the film sounds like this:

When a secluded monastery in Romania, commits suicide a young nun, to investigate the incident, the Vatican sent the priest with a mysterious past and a novice on the threshold of irrevocable vows. Risking not only lives, but and faith, and even their lives, they are faced with an evil force in the guise of a demonic nuns, and the monastery becomes a field of terrible battle between the living and the damned.

The movie was shot by Corin hardy (“Out of darkness”), the writers, Harry Doberman (“the Curse Annabel”) and Maestro James WAN.

The caste was noted taissa Farmiga (“American horror story”, “the Last girl”), Damian Bichir (“Disgusting eight”, “Alien: Covenant”), Bonnie Aarons (“the Conjuring 2”), Jonas Block (“It”), Charlotte hope (“Game of thrones”), Ingrid Bisu (“Toni Erdmann”), and other actors.

The Russian premiere is scheduled for September 20, 2018.

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