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New payment system accepts likes of social networking

In Russia there is a new and very unusual payment system called to pay in which literally likes from social networks, common in our country. It may be FB, VK, OK, and even Twitter Instagram – most importantly, the user has a lot of likes.

To register in the system is not enough simply to have in her account should also be placed on the page in a social network post with the correct hashtag, indicated by the system. The rate of the local currencies is very good: 1 like is equal to 1 ruble, and they are literally you can pay in regular stores or on online sites by submitting the promotional code, generated when you convert likes into rubles.

At the moment works all over Russia, but many large cities already covered, and it’s Perm, Sochi, Tyumen, Kaliningrad and others. It is noteworthy that in the capitals of the project is not yet operational in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, its launch will take place in the near future. How successful project, time will tell, but we can already predict the increase of social media posts asking “polycat ava”.

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