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New music videos (24 – 30 April 2017)

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We looked at our extreme collection of music video and wept. Because I know that little! Well, the conclusions made are now fresh clips we are looking for careful, and the first results are already there.

In our new digest got new clips and lyric videos groups Alestorm (this is just a hit!), Azarath, Decapitated, God Dethroned (hodnotime, as for me), Goya (the video to the song from horror movie “the Deathly Hallows”, by the way), Hate, Internal Bleeding (this clip and the song being dedicated to their deceased member – he was a firefighter and died on the job), Mars Red Sky, Nargaroth, Oceano, Of Mice & Men, Prometheus, Siriun, Starset, The Nearly Deads (try to count all the references to horror films in this video), The Nietzsche, Warcrab (another hodnotime) and singer Robbie Williams (what? rock-n-roll of the same type! say thank you we Anna Vaux is not added here).

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A selection of clips for the previous week can be seen here.

Alestorm. Clip Alestorm

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