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New growth point will be the warehouse

Новой точкой роста станут склады

Boris Agate, the independent expert on innovation in retail, the author of the concept Store “4.0”.
With the widespread development of Internet-trade is important as never point retail development was the warehouses that are now undergoing major changes. In fact, logistics has become the cornerstone of business optimization. But the cause is not only online trade, in which warehouses much has changed.

The new consumer is demanding more and more personalization in all channels, including offline. The greatest difficulty is now a matter of personification in the offline-channel shopping static, shopper wanders through the shop, as he wants to, tools to track its actions implemented are very few. In this scenario, the personification of there is almost impossible.

But nothing stands still, and in this sense some opportunity of personification appears in the offline stores, but so far it is only for a very large audience segments. Individual delivery to each shop, which is based on the collection of data on previous sales, is a kind of “rough” personalization at the store level.

Now, thanks to the tools of predictive forecast the opportunity to significantly improve the accuracy of the supply in each store, thus, such shipments were a response to the need for targeted work with a client who lives/works near the store.

What else?

1. Cross-docking is becoming increasingly popular. This is when logistics are arranged in such a way that the goods transhipped from arrival of truck will transport the vehicle with little or no time in storage.

2. Macmagazine exchange of goods. This exchange allows you to boost sales to 7%. All these chains are somehow involved warehouse.

3. Lighting automation due to the fact that the light turns on only in those places where it is needed and shuts down immediately upon completion of operations, saving over 10% on electricity.

4. New technologies even touch the flooring. New concrete can do 70% less expansion joints in the floor. You probably noticed that large storage facilities have the cuts on the floor, they serve to compensate for the shrinkage of the concrete and avoid cracking the floor. The new technology allows to make floors with a minimum number of seams to provide smooth movement of trucks. This is especially important for robotic warehouses, which uses quite expensive rigging system for which the extra roughness on the floor is not needed.

5. There were systems of microfoliant for stores, which helps the Central warehouse to expand its capabilities at the store level, thus due to the very wide distribution network savings on logistics costs for delivery to the final consumer. Today, up to 70% of the sellers do not have the optimization of the supply of goods in the execution of orders. The product can be around the buyer in a nearby store, but it is still driven from the Central warehouse, microfoliant allows to solve this problem.

6. Robotic warehouses. They are everywhere at this small and frequent delivery?

7. The last mile with their innovations in the format of drones, robotic delivery makes the warehouse one of the most interesting places in the transformation in retail.

The retailer now not to be envied, each phase requires urgent action for the transformation: trading room, marketing, HR, supply chain and warehouse…

In short, we have to work tirelessly.

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