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EU country’s spies point to ‘threat’ of Russia and China

The Ukraine conflict is really about a greater confrontation between the West and Russia, while China challenges the world order based on Western values, according to the 2022 annual report by the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) of the Netherlands. Published this week, the report claims that Russia sees …

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Ukraine conflict faces ‘inflection point’ – Belarus

A pivotal moment in the Russia-Ukraine conflict will occur in the coming months, Ivan Tertel, the head of the State Security Committee of Belarus (KGB), has said. Russia launched its military operation in the neighboring country in February. “If the Russian Federation properly conducts mobilization, ensures that its military force …

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Andrey Sushentsov: Ukraine could be just the starting point of a bigger crisis

Why do Russian-Ukrainian relations concern every Russian and Ukrainian? To some extent, what is happening is a delayed civil war, which could have happened in the early 1990s with the collapse of the USSR, when the first generation of Russian and Ukrainian leaders boasted that they had avoided a bloody divorce like the one in Yugoslavia. In Russia, every other person …

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Ukraine conflict rare ‘inflection point’ in history – Biden

President Joe Biden on Tuesday described the conflict in Ukraine as a historic “inflection point [that] comes along every six or eight generations,” and described the US’ role in the conflict as fighting the first “real battle” in a civilizational struggle versus Russia and China. Biden also promised to send …

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Does Russia have a point about NATO expansion?

The current and rapidly escalating tensions between the US and Russia over Ukraine have dominated international headlines and moved stock markets in recent weeks. In reality, they have their roots in a series of NATO actions and omissions following the demise of the Soviet Union in 1989/91. On the Russian …

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Have we reached the point where Big Tech censorship is simply accepted?

Shockingly, the permanent suspension of hard-right Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene from Twitter and her temporary suspension from Facebook does not appear to shock us anymore. What is at stake here is far more critical than one congresswoman spreading nonsense on social media. The precedent set a year ago, where unaccountable Big Tech simply banned …

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