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Near the moon “spotted” a mysterious alien ship

Возле Луны "засекли" загадочный корабль инопланетянAround the moon UFO researcher noticed a black UFO.

Researcher, space of US watched through a telescope at the sky and found near the natural satellite of the Earth, a strange object dark in color.

Ufologist don’t doubt that they noticed a dark spot is an alien spacecraft. For many years he was conducting research and not once in all that time never seen anything like it. The man intends to continue to observe according to UFO, and then provides information about it the American space Agency NASA.

UFO for a long time trying to prove the existence of aliens, but while his opinion does not listen to the scientific community. He wants to collect an amount of evidence as to deny the existence of aliens would be impossible.

People relate differently to such information. Some believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life, others treat such information critically, calling them fabrications designed to mislead the gullible.

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