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Natural phenomena: active mud volcano of Ukraine was struck by the Network. Video

Природный феномен: действующий грязевой вулкан Украины поразил Сеть. ВидеоThe starunia volcano responds to earthquakes occurring within a radius of 3-6 thousand.

Ukraine is a truly unique place – the world’s only active mud volcano.

In the starunia village Bogorodchany district Ivano-Frankivsk region on the West Bank of the river Great Lukovets’, in the foothills of Gorgan, the geological formation form a complex tectonic break, on top of which the volcano is situated with the height of the cone is about 3 m and a length of clay flows of 10-60 m.

High seysmochuvstvitelnoy Starunia volcano is manifested in the appearance of cracks, failures, the growth of rapids and small waterfalls, mud volcanism, active dynamics of gas release and uneven rise about 1 m for 7 years.

Starunia responds to earthquakes occurring within a radius of 3-6 thousand km in Romania, Italy, Germany, Iraq, the Caucasus and even in Central Asia. This permanent underground “barometer” — a unique place for studying features of the dynamics of the earth, the laws of formation of minerals, forecasting of earthquakes. However, the available on-site Starunsky volcano ozokerite, hot mud and water of high salinity have valuable medicinal properties.

Mud volcano Starunia — a unique geological monument of nature — the only active mud volcano not only in the Carpathian region, but in the world. His appearance, he is obliged first of all to the people. More than a century ago there began to develop oil and ozokerite deposits.

Ground water saturated with oxygen, now penetrate deep into the earth for a thousand meters, cause oxidation of oil, which gives the influx of thermal energy that feeds the volcano.

Preceded the emergence of the volcano, the earthquake in Romania, in the mountains of Vrancea in 1977, Then on conical hill with a diameter of approximately 50 m appeared first craters, of which the spilled liquid, dirt and gas.

Since then, the volcano “breathes” through dozens of less-active mini-craters, and the terrain resembles a mud stain. Now Starunia, there are 8 craters and 12 non-permanent microcraters that provide gas, water, clay slurry, sometimes oil or its components. Distant earthquakes sometimes lead to the appearance of cracks in the ground with a width of 0.5-3 cm, which close in 3-5 days.

Outwardly, everything looks quiet and peaceful. Suddenly without warning the sky directs the flow of boiling water. And next a few decades of burning gas blowout. And constantly heard from the depths of the uterine sound, resembling the murmuring of a boiling kettle.

Scientists have several hypotheses of the causes of this geological wonder. According to one version, the volcano was formed on the so-called anticlinal fold, i.e. the convex structure, which has several faults.

And due to certain physico-chemical processes, which occur at depths of 600-1000 m, the eruption of mud, mineral water, brines, there are formed compounds of lead, zinc, symptoms of newest tectonics, young earth movements.

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