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The Balkans can explode a volcano of war

As you know, on the Balkan Peninsula has no active volcanoes. However, it is not so. In Macedonia, near the ancient city of Ohrid, is the active fumarolic field of romantic Slavic name Dovala – the only outward sign of volcanic activity in the Balkans. We visited him on the …

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The Yellowstone volcano burns the trees around them. Video

“Dead zone” near the volcano has increased manyfold. Scientists in the US have come to the conclusion that the super volcano in Yellowstone national Park burns the trees around them. Long known that a powerful volcano Yellowstone is theoretically able to transform a large part of the United States in …

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On Jupiter detected a potential volcano

Juno was at a distance of about 470000 kilometers from the satellite. The device Juno, which studied Jupiter using the instrument Jovian InfraRed Auroral Mapper, found a new heat source near the South pole of the moon IO that could indicate a previously undiscovered volcano on a small moon of …

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Dangerous volcano spewed a column of ashes. Video

The volcano intensified on June 28. The volcano Mount Agung on the Indonesian island of Bali threw a column of ash to a height of two kilometers. According to the publication, the emission of lava and ash was recorded on Monday, July 2, 2018. The volcano spewed ash that reached …

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