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National Interest, United States: Hitler made Russia a superpower

National Interest, США: Гитлер сделал из России сверхдержаву

Adolf Hitler raved about the idea of turning Russia into a huge colony of Germany, but his actions eventually led to the subordination of the Moscow part of his country and the transformation of the USSR into a superpower, writes the National Interest.

The publication stresses that, on 22 June 1941, four million Nazi soldiers wanted to see the Kremlin towers, but instead they launched a chain of events that still characterize today’s world.

It is noted that before the invasion, the invaders even the British and American experts did not believe that Moscow would be able to survive the Nazi blitzkrieg, but in may 1945 that Britain was broken, France is devastated, and the Germans watched as the caterpillars of Soviet tanks creaked in the Berlin ruins.

It is Russia, emphasizes NI, like bloody, but victorious boxer continued to stand on his feet and became a superpower.

However, the magazine adds, if not for Hitler’s attack, the Soviet Union would never have got power over it “European Empire”. United with Germany in the “crusade against Bolshevism” Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria was also defeated by the red Army and subsequently established their Communist government. To the Communist bloc joined in and released from the Nazi regime Poland and Czechoslovakia.

Without the invasion of the Nazis, the newspaper writes, the boundaries of modern Russia would be different. So, East Prussia, on the former site which is now the Russian Kaliningrad oblast, was part of Germany.

In conclusion, the author recalls that in 1939 the world was multipolar and many countries are competing for power, but by 1945 there were only two superpowers: the USSR and the USA, and other contenders were defeated, captured or exhausted.

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