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Natalia Mogilevskaya told how preparing for “Dancing with the stars”

Наталья Могилевская рассказала, как готовится к "Танцам со звездами"August 27, on television channel 1+1 will be a Grand premiere of the updated project Dances with stars s

Natalia Mogilevskaya, a participant of the legendary pair of No. 8, which is remembered by the viewers on the first season of the project, said, why not going to dance with Vlad Yama training before the start of the project and what diet adheres to the daily star.

“Before taking the decision to participate in the project, I invited the coach of the ballroom dance, which at first made me just to remember the dance steps. And waited, and when he let me become to a couple. My body was shaking, I cried. We glided over the parquet to the stunning, incredibly beautiful waltz to the music of Tchaikovsky, and I was overwhelmed. At that moment I realized how much I love to dance and how much I wanted that to happen again. And let was in terrible physical shape, and it was impossible to believe that plus ten kilograms and naughty feet, will come to the floor, I decided that I would do it in any case“,– says Natalya.

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Interestingly, the audience could see the singers in the project Dances with stars z (1+1) as a judge, but she chose a favorite flooring chair member of the jury.

I was offered a place on the jury, and that fourth seat will remain free. Because I decided what I want, can and like to dance. What can do after all these years. And it is a huge challenge itself. Vlad is an excellent coach and he decided that he would connect their lives with coaching. I will dance with another partner“, – said the singer.

As it turned out, before the premiere of project star daily spends 12 hours in the rehearsal room, perfecting dance steps:

“I wanted the first dance to start with twine, but tore my ACL in rehearsal. The doctors say that if I did dare, it will end the cast. But still continue to slowly stretch and believe that I will be able to succeed“.

In addition, Natalia has shared the secrets of healthy nutrition, through which she was able to regain the excellent physical shape:

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“If I’m in Kiev, I always carry a little cooler bag, and in it food for the whole day except Breakfast and dinner – morning and evening I eat at home. The basic principle of nutrition – carbohydrates with vegetables and fruits in the morning, proteins with vegetables in the second. After lunch, I have strict rules you can’t break them. All the portions – 250-300 grams. If you do not skip meals (especially lunch and afternoon snack), you’re well-fed, happy, satisfied. And forces abound. If you do not have time to eat, make a snack – I always carry fruit and nuts. Then in the evening do not feel hunger. About sweet drinks and other chemicals I have long forgotten. If you want chocolate, you can a little, but only in the morning. And 3-4 hours before bedtime, it is better not to eat anything“.

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