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Named the main conditions for reconciliation in Ukraine and Russia

Названы главные условия примирения Украины и РоссииUkraine may bury the hatchet with Russia, but only under the condition of a number of points.

Ukraine can really come to terms with Russia, but this will be possible only after certain steps on its part.

About this on his page in Facebook the head of the charity Foundation “Mir and Ko” Miroslav Gai.

“First, Russia must withdraw all its troops from the territory of Ukraine from Donbass, Crimea and Kuban. Then should be paid reparations for all victims of the occupation, as well as the interest paid for the lost possible profit of Ukrainian companies lost their assets and property,” he writes.

In addition, guy indicates that Russia should set lifelong benefits to the families of the victims, and it is 10 000 people over the past four years and tens of millions of families whose relatives were killed and tortured in the Soviet Union, the successor of which, according to President Vladimir Putin, speaking Russian.

“Then Russia should abandon nuclear weapons as a country, organized under a dozen wars over the last 50 years. Another important condition is the public recognition and condemnation of all crimes of the Soviet Union, Stalin, Lenin and offences of the Russian Federation, Yeltsin and Putin. That all who took part in aggression and war against Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, etc., should be condemned, needless to say. All who were raped, tortured, killed and pillaged under the flags of Russia and Novorossia must be condemned and go to jail with maximum time,” continued guy.

In addition, the volunteer said, the entire top political and military leadership of the Russian Federation should be arrested and sent to the Hague.

“Must be arrested the entire leadership of all Russian media companies and top officials of the Russian media, openly calling for war, created war propaganda, deceiving citizens and the world community, causing hate and militarist hysteria. The punishment of all involved in the crash of the Boeing MH17,” wrote guy.

Finally, he continued, Putin, once in the Hague, the Tribunal must apply to Ukrainians m such approximately words: “I, Vladimir Putin, apologize to the Ukrainian people, which I do not deserve. I understand that my actions led to terrible crimes against humanity. I’m a murderer. H kneel before each mother Ukrainian, who died in that disgraceful war, which I, as a former President, started. I apologize and I’m not asking to avoid punishment. I require myself and everyone involved in my crimes the maximum penalty and the other does not accept and let him curse me Lord.”

“A small nuance, all the things he has to say on the Ukrainian language that would be understood. And for a couple of years after the above-described, after conducting in Russia, or what would at the time, democratic election can begin a long and not easy path to reconciliation,” concluded guy.

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