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Named the main absentees of the Verkhovna Rada

Названы главные прогульщики Верховной РадыThe Committee of voters called deputies, who this year never came to the Parliament.

According to written and electronic registration of five deputies not once this year was not at the plenary meetings of the Verkhovna Rada.

It is reported by the Committee of voters of Ukraine.

Among the “absentees” members of the “Opposition bloc” Yevhen Bakulin, Dmitry Dobkin, independent Andriy Biletsky, and Sergey Klyuev and Alexander Onishchenko, who are in search of.

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Beletsky 22 Feb voiced from the parliamentary rostrum the demands of the protesters near the Parliament, but the Parliament has not been registered.

According to the written registration no meeting in 2017 is also not called for the members of the “Opposition bloc” Mikhail Dobkin and Yury Solod.

However, according to the electronic registration of these deputies were in office, but voting was not accepted (ignored 99% of the vote). Therefore, their participation in the work of the Council in question.

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