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Named the Kiev bridges are in poor condition

Названы киевские мосты, находящиеся в аварийном состоянииThey need to fix.

In Kiev four bridges are in a dilapidated state. As the Director of analytical research center “Institute of” Alexander Sergienko, the objects in need of repair.

In the list of dangerous objects hit the overpass at the intersection of the Avenue and Victory bridges Paton, Kirpa and Shuliavska.

“The overpass at the intersection of the Avenue and Victory is dangerous because there due to the penetration of moisture into the design of the crumble pieces of the bridge. The same situation is with the Paton bridge is one of the pillars collapsed finish. There is a problem with the bridge Kirpa, because there is in the design of not hiring very professional design organization, which gave low-quality project. There are several pillars, which are filled only with concrete without steel reinforcement. Problematic and shuliavska bridge, but the reconstruction is about to begin,” says Alexander Sergienko.

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According to experts, these bridges urgently need repair, and others may be regularly monitored and, if necessary, to update.

“We are not the regular overhaul of the bridges, as necessary. The condition of the bridge is determined by the presence of waterproofing. If the water is not trapped inside the construction of the bridge, it would stand forever. For many years it was not a proper real road repair many of the bridges and overpasses. Where it passed, the situation changes dramatically. For example, completed the reconstruction of the overpass on Nivki. Now there is a completely renewed transport interchange”, – said Sergienko.

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Thus, in his opinion, despite some facilities in disrepair, the situation in Kiev overpasses in Kiev is not so terrible, to repeat the Genoa tragedy.

“Here you need to make timely repairs. Nothing wrong yet, but the bridges must follow and the time to repair them. I assure you that such threats we have. The tragedy with the collapse of the bridge in Genoa will not be repeated. If we had a catastrophic situation with the bridge, it long ago would close as it was with the Havana bridge. As you know, its been closed because it was in unacceptable condition,” adds the Director of “Institute of the city”.

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