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Named the happiest country in the world

Названы самые счастливые страны в миреUkraine in this ranking is 132-th place.

The happiest people in the world live in Norway, Denmark and Iceland. Ukraine already occupies the 132nd place, having fallen down to 9 levels compared to last year.

The ranking of the happiest countries each year is the Network of United Nations on sustainable development. Experts estimate such factors of life in each country: GDP per capita, the number of healthy years of life expectancy, social support (can count on it in case of problems), confidence (the level and perception of corruption in government and business), freedom in making life decisions and charity. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

A list of the top ten countries has not changed over the past two years, however, there was a rotation of the positions of some countries. So, in 2015 Norway has occupied 4-e a place, and in 2016 soared to the top. In the top five located only Nordic countries in addition to Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and Finland. Scandinavian happiness is due to the high level of personal freedom of citizens, social support, and reducing corruption. Although, for example, the level of GDP per capita in the United States (14) above – $ 53,000 compared to $ 47,000.

Ukraine was already on the 132-th place out of 155 countries. UN experts believe that the worst case in our country corruption and trust in government. Just as bad appreciated the personal freedom of Ukrainians. Charity in Ukraine – is not at the highest level. The only thing we have established is the level of social assistance.

Названы самые счастливые страны в мире

Unfortunately, even from neighboring countries of Ukraine behind. So, Slovakia, Poland and Russia were in the TOP 50 of “happy” rating. 56 th and 57-th place was divided between Moldova and Romania. Belarus occupies 67 th position. In the first half of the list of “got” and Hungary, finishing in 75th place. Along with Ukraine at the end of the list were the African countries, as well as Afghanistan and Syria.

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