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Named the “happiest” capital of Europe. Photo

Названы самые "счастливые" столицы Европы. ФотоThere was a fresh rating.

In Europe had an interesting sociological study and find out in which the capitals of this part of the continent are the happiest residents.

As reports the British newspaper the Independent that the study was conducted by the statistical Agency Eurostat. The selection was based on several criteria: the number satisfied with life in the city, comfort in public areas, quality of health, environment and quality of education. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

By the number of happy life-the happiest city was named the capital of Lithuania Vilnius. Most satisfied with the public spaces, the inhabitants of the Austrian of Vienna, ecology in Luxembourg, the healthcare in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam, education in the Irish Dublin.

Five of the absolute leaders in happiness looks like – Vilnius, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Luxembourg and Vienna.

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