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Named the best Ukrainian films of 2016

The best films according to the Bureau of Ukrainian cinema journalism.

The Bureau of Ukrainian cinema journalism chose 6 of the best Ukrainian films of 2016.

So, the best are the following films:

The best Ukrainian film: “My grandmother Fanni Kaplan” (Elena Demyanenko)

The film, which tells the moving story of life and love Fanny Kaplan, who shot at Vladimir Lenin.

Best Ukrainian feature film: “the nest of the turtledove” (Taras Tkachenko)

Melodrama about a Ukrainian woman who left her husband at home went to work in Italy, where an affair with a local lawyer.

The best Ukrainian documentary films: “Ukrainian sheriffs” (Roman Bondarchuk)

A documentary about the residents of the village Stara zbur’ivka Kherson region that are fighting corruption on their own.

The best Ukrainian animated film: “Nikita Kozhemyaka” (Manuk Depoian)

A cartoon about the son of a famous hero tanners, who must defeat the dragon.

Best Ukrainian short film “Nail” (Philip Sotnichenko)

A short film about the Ukrainian who has lived 20 years abroad.

The best Ukrainian film debut: “Varta1, Lviv, Ukraine” (Yuri Gritsyna)

This film is an attempt to reconstruct events at the end of the Euromaidan in Lviv, when the activists took over the function of law enforcement.

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