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Named the best hostels of Europe

Названы лучшие хостелы ЕвропыHostels can be comfortable.

Hostels no longer terrible, cheap accommodation, where I want to run away as fast as possible, but stylish and fashionable places to stay, competing with each other, in terms of creative design and free additional services.

Below is a list of 5 accessible and interesting hostels throughout Europe, where you can stay while traveling. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

1. Lavender Circus Hostel, Budapest, Hungary

This vintage made under apartment hostel is located in the 19th-century in the heart of Budapest.

With a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a touch of Imperial bliss, this place is ideal for couples seeking romance and intimacy, but not ready to spend much.

Prices: double room from 14 euros per person per day.

Location: center of city near metro station Kálvin tér.

Services: free Wi-Fi, reception – 24/7, free towels, linen and Hairdryer, a kitchen with free tea and coffee facilities and a Laundry service.

Attractions: the hostel is located opposite the Hungarian national Museum, a short walk to the Budapest castle hill, the Parliament, the beautiful andrássy Avenue and the Gresham Palace (Gresham Palace).

2. Hostel-prison (Prison Hostel), Karosta, Latvia

Once this building was a military prison from which no one ever escapes. She was protected more than the us Alcatraz! They say that the building often meet ghosts, so much bold can wander the grounds at night.

Are you ready to spend the night in this prison bunk or iron bed and enjoy a traditional prison food?

Each guest signs a special form, which gives consent that it be treated as a prisoner. And Yes, you can get punishment in the form of exercise due to inappropriate behavior.

Prices: 15 Euro per person per day.

Location: Karosta (naval port) is 5 km from the historic centre of Liepaja, located in the Central area.

Services: present prison hospitality.

Attractions include: historical tours of the prison and the Museum is included in the price of your stay, the Palace officers, the Naval Cathedral of Saint Nicholas; a great fortress and the canal, the military port – the main part of the military-industrial complex of Karosta.

3. The Babushka Grand Hostel Odessa, Ukraine

This unusual style hostel welcomes you with sincere warmth of grandma’s. All rooms are decorated in rustic vintage style with chandeliers, floral Wallpaper, gilded ceilings, red patterned carpets of Odessa aristocracy of the 18th century.

On a total area there is even a fireplace!

Prices: EUR 7 per night in a shared room, € 11 for a private room.

Location: in the city centre, close to all major attractions of Odessa, a 15-minute walk from Arcadia, where are the best beach clubs of the city.

Services: air conditioning, 24-hour front Desk, Laundry service, fully equipped kitchen with free tea and coffee, Board games.

Landmarks: located next to the lively Deribasovskaya street (main pedestrian street) and the magnificent Odessa Opera house.

4. Hostel Franz Ferdinand, Sarajevo, Bosnia

This one-of-a-kind boutique hostel was created and launched by a group of young artists and architects. It tells its visitors the story of the murder of the Austro-Hungarian Archduke that triggered the outbreak of the First world war.

Modern fancy rooms with large paintings will definitely impress you, and the price for such conditions will seem even too low!

Prices: starting from 9,90 euros per night for a place in the common room and from 15,90 EUR per person in double room.

Location: city centre, street Jelića, a short walk from the main pedestrian street of Ferhadija (Ferhadija).

Services: reception 24/7, access to a computer with free Wi-Fi, free Breakfast and unlimited free coffee and tea, TV, games and great music in a common area.

Attractions: a short walk to the old part of the city known Bascarsija (Baščaršija), and in the opposite direction of the Cathedral.

5. House tree Kadir (Kadir’s Tree House), Olympos, Turkey

When you were a child, you loved playing in the tree house? Or you grew up in the city and was the envy of the village children, who have been like this?

Now you have the opportunity to spend your vacation in a tree with stunning views of the Olympos national Park and the gorgeous beach where you will be after you get the ladder from the hostel.

Prices: 12 euros per day in a 6-bed room 22 Euro per person in a double room.

Location: in the centre of the wonderful village of Olympos.

Services: air conditioning, Wi-Fi, hot shower, Laundry, Parking, safe, good bar and restaurant accepts credit cards.

Nearby attractions: Olympos national Park with the famous mountain of Olympos, turquoise water and gorgeous Golden sand beaches.

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