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My home is my castle

Мой дом — моя крепость

I saw in the tape material about the door-to-door rounds in connection with the elections (municipal). People write that a lot Solopova the nose of the door.

People are very good. But believe me: if the bypass was in my house, is not among the opened and turned to me.

Completely indifferent — “opinion poll” information troops, edrosov “Yabloko”, navalnisty do, anyone. Unfamiliar? Bye!

Have already had occasion to say: if the results of any poll is the “method of door-to-door bypass”, it can be closed and not further taken into account. For this reason alone: incredulous cut off immediately.

Why is this happening? The reason is very simple: fraud. And “kommivojazhera” poorly distinguishable from fraud.

Creeping and crawling: “We are neighbors, we’ve got a store opens nearby, we invite to the opening (which, of course, will not), and now offer the goods at a discount (no matter how well — shit with a wrap they offer)”.

They put their noses to the elderly: “We are from the pension Fund (shoved some difficult to see a piece of paper), you have a huge allowance… Wait, we slightly wrong, you are prescribed extra N thousand, you give them now…”

They offer water filters, double glazing and fire-fighting equipment (some Chinese flashing crap).

They are sensitive to events in the country: “protivopozarnyi” became particularly active after the “Winter cherry”.

And now, of course, carried the election.

This problem perhaps could be declared a national disaster. Or something very close to that. Nastier just that the victims are primarily elderly. People with Soviet discipline, which is influenced by problems of old age.

But somehow talking about it very little. If they say at all.

Therefore I propose — I don’t know who exactly, but offer — to act with the legislative initiative “door-to-door rounds — out of the law.” If some of the rounds still need (check the meters, for example), it needs to be regulated. By the way, is done: we have an announcement about the upcoming test of the gas equipment (real, not fraudulent) hung for a month, it was dropped in the mailboxes. With address phone, we can take and Refine.

And hype of products and services we do not need. You have the goods? Throw an ad in drawers, hang them at the entrance, as all civilized people do. You have services? The same is: people, which those same Windows are needed, you will call.

Yes, by the way, advertising by means of call should be covered. Permanently. And for all.

So, my dear good people, door-to-door canvassers, do not be offended at us, incredulous. Better look at the real problems of citizens. Elections (or “elections”) will end, and the problem of fraud will remain. It is something to do. Something like that to decide to the fraudsters had to retrain.

But the door still will not open. With the integrity of the territory, with the “my house — my fortress” of the civil free society starts.

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