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Music “Jungle”

The movie “Jungle” (Jungle) – the creation of Aussie Greg McLean with Briton Daniel Radcliffe in the lead role – just as is in the distribution. During this time the picture has collected about 45 million rubles, for a small release from the independent distributors rather quite good result.

I myself until this movie had not yet arrived, so I read with interest your comments about how the movie is bad or good. In the meantime, we all can free and zakonno to listen to the soundtrack “Jungle” authored by composer johnny Klimek. Mr. Klimek in writing music for films is not a newcomer – he, for example, invented many of the OST underrated masterpiece “Cloud Atlas” and Romanovskoe “the land of the dead”.

Collection soundtracks

The movie “the Jungle” tells a very real story:

Yossi Ginsberg, a young enthusiast, the adventurer is sent to the Amazon jungle together with a couple of friends and a guide, hiding his past. This journey turns into a frightening ordeal for the psyche and the real struggle for survival when the characters are faced with the darkest side of human nature and death threats to the nature is wild.Cm. also:

Interview with Greg McLean

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