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Mozilla stopped releasing a version of Firefox

Mozilla перестала выпускать одну из версий FirefoxMozilla, the company ceased production of the Aurora version of Firefox.

According to experts, Aurora has not justified itself as the first stabilization of the channel.

Now the company intends to optimize the release process of the browser and create followers and developers more simple conditions for access to the latest features.

Six years channel Aurora (Developer Edition) was Nightly and Beta. The development started with the Nightly-builds that contain the latest code for testers and provided every day. This was followed by the experimental Aurora builds, after that the beta version of Firefox and stable browser available to a wider public.

Developer Edition has disappeared from the list, and now the number of stages be reduced to three. For users Aurora effects will not occur, all profiles, tools, themes, and settings will be kept. Wishing to test experimental features will help channel Nightly, and developers will get a more stable version of the Developer Edition. Some experts assure that now the new features in Firefox will begin to appear more often.

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