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Motivating call Ukrainka excited about the social network

Мотивирующий призыв украинки взволновал соцсетиWomen are encouraged to learn to say “no” to all that destroys them.

The post the founder of the PR Agency PR Todorchuk Yaroslava Gres GRES within the framework of the flashmob #malpresentation struck users of the network.

She has published on his page on the social network Facebook.

“My God, my God, how important “no” I never said in my life. I wanted to seem better than I am, I wanted everyone to like me, I was afraid that if I say no, I’ll be lonely the rest of your life. A lonely loser so a plan – one of us is not considered. We tacitly agree with the things that are destroying us, which we distort. Once I realized that I was almost nothing left. From the real me. Then I sat down and wrote a list. The list of “no” that I will speak always, no matter how difficult,” she began the post.

Further GRES has published this list:

1. No psychological violence. “I pictured you different …”, “You’re nothing without me”, “Mala, why are you crying, well, 19 you, well, cellulite you have, and I say it with love!” “Don’t wear heels, you’re like a Heron”, “it’s you’re hysterical, and I just want to respect yourself,” “Oh, how funny you have sticking out teeth…” “Your Ukrainian is weak, a lot of mistakes…”, “don’t write poetry is not your strong suit…”, “I Doubt that your ideas, something happens…”.

No. Not. Has. Law. To hurt you. Even if you will weigh 120 kg and walking in pink mini dress. Even if not all of it at work. Even if your meatballs don’t taste like his mom. No. Not. Has. Law. You. To offend.

2. Not – uninteresting work, bad gigs, books, unnecessary meetings. Life is too short to spend it on what you are not fills and empties. If 17:59 – your favorite time, leave. If someone is a writer is not your trouble.

3. No to stereotypes. All have to be thin, the eyes large, legs, long, marriage should go once, preferably 2 to 25 give birth to a perfect, smart, polite children who always clean the ears and socks are healthy and smiling, without there autismo, down’s syndrome, epilepsy, cerebral palsy – because then they have to hide very far away, “that normal children are not scared”. Should all cook soup. Wash. Iron. To embroider – what kind of a woman without the embroidered cross of the Swan. To read only clever books. Do not swear, God forbid. And, of course, sports. TRX. Yoga. Courses of self-knowledge.

4. No extra people. Anyone who just eats your time and energy and leaves behind such a fatigue, if you unload the train with the iron.

5. No control over your life. She’s all yours. Nobody has the right to decide with whom you meet, whom to love, what to believe, which laminate to choose for the living room.

6. No – any business with an asshole. In business, in friendships, in relationships – if you don’t appreciate, endorse, accuse the rain, the hryvnia fell that the logo on the layout turned out too small – say “no”. Say “goodbye”.

7. No to disappointment. Disable yourself to be disappointed. Forbid even thinking that behind the black there is no white, that life was over, that there is no faith. Miracles do happen, when they do not expect. Always.

“Every day I’m scared to say “no”. My weak will to whisper, “be afraid, be Afraid to remain without a draft, without people, without a future, a little patience, it’s not that hard, in principle, nothing terrible …”. Every day my heart says no. My heart knows – there, around the corner, after a moment, he was waiting for dozens great dozens need dozens of happy “Yes,” she said.

Note that post the women collected more than 23 thousand “likes” in less than a day. Network users have left more than 600 comments which supported the position of the GRES.

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