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Modular counters

Over ten years ago, in 2002, Dipaul group started manufacturing antistatic and technical furniture for all types of enterprises. Dipaul was the first company which decided to use new materials and make such furniture. The name of our brand is Viking. We can offer you a big variety of furniture and equipment, which can be used on different enterprises. Distinguishing feature of all these products is a good quality, reliability also they are very simple to build up and use.

In our catalogue you can easily find a lot of different products. For example ESD chairs shelving, cabinets and wardrobes, movable trolleys and a lot of more things which can be necessary and very practicable at the enterprise. So here you can find everything you need to fit your workplace.

If you need something to safely keep and use electronic products, spare parts, tools and so on — everything that contains sensitive electronic components. We can offer you turntable and stationary modular storage. This product is new. It provides effective anti-static protection for such instruments and materials which are very sensitive.

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There are two types of modular storage counter: turntable and stationary

Turntable modular counter is equipped with bin cabinets containing 2 types of plastic bins: narrow and wide. Narrow can keep up to 7,5 kilograms and wide can keep up to ten kilograms. It is very simple to move and that is why it can be necessary in your workplace. Also it has a very big spaciousness so you are able to keep there a lot of materials and instruments that you need. You can choose different types of turntable modular counter: choose the type and the number of bins

Besides turntable we have stationary modular storage. It is quite similar to the first one, but it can’t be easily moved and also it is larger. Such product as stationary modular storage counter is ordered in parts, bin cabinets and technical connecting pads separately. In one column maximum can be placed four bin cabinets. There also six different types of this storage. It is very important to have such furniture on enterprises, where you have to keep a lot of materials in one place, and if they should be in special order.

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All in all, our modular storages can be very useful and important in every enterprise. If you need to move it, you can choose turntable one. And if you need more space and don’t need to move this modular counter from one place to another, you absolutely can choose stationary. All detailed information you can find on our site, also you can order there the most suitable for you modular storage.

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