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Missing old books in Lviv: new details

Пропажа старинных книг во Львове: новые подробностиSome of the missing books was found.

The missing part of the Lviv art gallery, the old books found at the exhibition, another part is on display in other museums, where they were temporarily transferred.

About this informed the informed source.

How many books there were going to be known after promulgation of results of work of the special Commission. This must happen in a few weeks. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

A reconciliation of funds started after the appointment of a new Director of the gallery of Taras Wozniak, who was succeeded by Larissa Razinkova-Woznicka.

According to him, the funds have not found in two manuscripts – the “book of needs” of the XVI century. and “Anfologion” 1628. 586 Cyrillic publications found 499 exhibits. Then revealed one of the editions of “Apostle” Ivan Fedorov “the Apostle” Spiridon Sobol and the gospel of the XVI and the XVIII century.

“The disappearance of old could last for several years,” said chief curator of the funds of the Lviv national gallery of arts Igor Khomin.

The statement about the disappearance of ancient books responded the former Director Larysa Razinkova-Woznicka.

“This rigged attack on the good name of Boris Voznytsky. This man for many years inappropriately applied to the work of Boris Voznytsky. We know that 10 days before the death of Boris G., Mr. Taras was in the presidential Administration and asked for the position. Very strange that has just started the inventory, and have all convened for a press conference. Must be fully inventoried and then made conclusions,” – said the former head of the Museum.

Required during the investigation to dismiss Taras Wozniak.

The disappearance of printed books and manuscripts Natspolitsiya opened criminal proceedings on the fact of appropriation, embezzlement of property or possession by abuse of official position.

The Ministry of culture of Ukraine stated concern about the situation. But do not done the conclusions to complete a full reconciliation of funds.

Information about the disappearance of 95 printed books and two manuscripts were published in the end of last year. The loss on the black market is estimated at tens of millions of dollars.

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