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Near Kiev ten days looking for missing man

He may be a memory problem. In Fastiv got a missing man. 35-year-old Alexander ten days ago left the house on 12 Dec and was gone. The man messed with the memory. Was dressed in a black blazer, dark blue jacket, pants and black sneakers. Anyone who knows about the …

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Found another “missing link” in the evolution of birds

Among paleontologists there is no agreement on how and why the ancestors of birds acquired feathers and wings. Paleontologists found next to the remains of the famous Archaeopteryx imprints of the body of another ancient bird who could fly. Its opening proved that the ancestors of modern birds have mastered …

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Near Kiev went missing schoolboy

The boy’s parents asking for help in finding sonIn Fastov lost minor Gad Vitaly Viktorovich. On may 10 around 12:00 he left local school number 10 located on the street Jakubowski, 12, but home and never returned. The boy’s parents are asking for help in finding his son. 10-year-old Vitali …

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Near Kiev, went missing 12-year-old

This is not his first escape. Kiev Svyatoshinsky police announced in tracing 12-year-old Nikita Bacony. Boy April 27, went for a walk to the Playground on the street Oleg Koshevogo in Petropavlivs’ka borshchahivka and is still not back. Contact relatives, the boy comes out. Nikita is not the first time …

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How to travel without missing training at the University

Advice to College students.Often we would like to run away from boring lectures and feel the freedom of traveling around the world. But, unfortunately, training plans and schedules do not allow us to break away from daily Affairs and to go abroad. Do not think that if you study in …

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In the White Church went missing 30-year-old woman

She had been missing since March 9. In search announced the inhabitant of the White Church Yana Nesterenko. According to girlfriend, Jan last time out on March 9. Since that time, her phone is off. Where she is now is unknown. The girl was dressed in a white fur coat …

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