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Mionix have come up with original mouse for gamers

Mionix придумала оригинальную мышь для геймеровOn the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the company wants to surprise its fans a mouse with an interesting design.

This year will be exactly ten years since appeared on the market the company Mionix, on the occasion of the anniversary she prepares a mouse for players that will stand out from the competition. The manufacturer decided to bet primarily on ergonomics, quality workmanship and an unusual design but also the implementation of some innovation.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer took into account all the tips published on the portal Kickstarterze, in which players from around the world to voice their comments and suggestions.

Mionix Naos QG is a mouse that measures your pulse rate and other biometric data of the player, and then displays them on the screen in real time – and it’s not just an interesting fact. Manufacturer it has been since October of last year, which the portal Kickstarterze managed to collect 107 $ 125.

The company Mionix clearly prefers to mystify their fans — the best proof is that you must install on computer software for its mice. It not only allows you to change the sensitivity, but also to measure the activity of the mouse.

The software allows the user to know how much time he used a mouse, how to make clicks, what is the maximum reaction rate, etc.

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