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Meet – the daughter of ash vs. evil dead!

Only-only memory unearthed information about the release of the third season of the excellent series “ash vs. evil dead”, as the next train arrived and new details. And quite tasty – neither more nor less, and the whole selection of cool frames from the future continue. What they can see?

The first thing is evident, of course, “new girl” actress Ariel O’neill played in the new season, the daughter of the main character, ash Williams. The girl just joined the fun, but have already from head to toe to get dirty in someone’s blood. All daddy! Even greater interest is one of the demons that have already appeared in a small promo, and now shown in all its glory. He looks like a plush mascot to the school basketball team, only teeth he have Pennywise. It must be the monster takes ash (Bruce Campbell), Pablo (ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dan, Delorenzo) a lot of trouble. And with a charming ruby performed by Lucy “Queen of warriors” lawless is still too early to say goodbye.

In the third season the position of the ash in elk grove, Michigan will change dramatically: if earlier it was considered a murderer, a local urban legend, now people recognize him as the Savior and hero. Meanwhile, Kelly becomes a witness to the massacre of the television with a bunch of fingerprints ruby everywhere, along with a new friend she goes to ash and Pablo, to warn them, because evil has not died. Blood is thicker than water in the battle of good vs. evil dead!

Another portion of cheerful dismemberment received 25 February 2018.

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