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Meet Shelley, the bot-writer of scary stories

Craftsmen from the famous Massachusetts Institute of technology involved in the creation and development of artificial intelligence. But this does not mean that they are not going to celebrate the coming Halloween! On the contrary, they have a great idea how to entertain people on the occasion.

They have developed an AI by the name Shelley is trained based on the analysis of stories with tag /nosleep on popular forum Reddit. This Tegu on the website you can read a variety of creepypasta in the English language that send users from around the world. And Shelley deals with the fact that using the obtained information to create own short horror story (3-5 sentences). And sometimes it turns out really bad! The bot can pull the title of the founder of the “electronic horror”.

Original creepypasta Shelley can be read at the link, but the study is the translation of some of them:

Green eyes

I closed all the doors, knowing that the creature is still alive. Then my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I noticed something on the door, which had not noticed before. It had a form and a pair of glowing green eyes.


I slowly turned away from the shower curtain and saw the reflection of a tall man who looked in the mirror in my room. I still could not see his face, but saw his reflection in the mirror. He came to me and became even higher than before. His skin was pale, and he had a long beard.

Room 10

Room 10 was empty. I threw up and I fell to the ground. Then I took the kids and explained to them what happened.

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