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Mazda introduced a petrol engine without spark plugs

Mazda представила бензиновый двигатель без свечей зажиганияSkyActiv-X ignites the air / fuel mixture without spark — through compression

Mazda introduced the world’s first gasoline engine that runs without spark plugs. SkyActiv-X will ignite the fuel mixture through compression, like diesel.

SkyActiv-X will appear on Mazda vehicles in 2019 and promises to be 20%-30% more efficient than the current SkyActiv-G, and up to 45% more efficient than regular petrol engine of the sample in 2008.

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Conventional gasoline engine needs spark plugs, but the SkyActiv-X ignites the air / fuel mixture without spark — through compression, as does the diesel engine. According to representatives of Mazda, it is the combined benefits of petrol and diesel in the same engine allows to increase the capacity and reduce the environmental pollution.

SkyActiv-X is part of the strategic plan of the Japanese automaker for electrification and to minimize emissions until 2030. In the framework of Mazda is planning to team up with Toyota to create electric cars. However, according to the head of the Department of research and development Mazda, Kiyoshi Fujiwara, “despite the need for electrification, the internal combustion engine should be first.”

Thanks to the combined compression system with a supercharger, the company managed to increase torque up to 30%. The tests showed that the two-liter Mazda3 accelerates faster than a car with a 2.5 liter engine and consumes less fuel than the model with 1.5-liter unit.

It is expected that the SkyActiv engine-X will appear in the new generation Mazda3, which will hit the market in late 2018.

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