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Matvienko has proposed to introduce the labeling of bottled water

Матвиенко предложила ввести маркировку бутилированной воды

Chairman of the Federation Council also urged “not to get involved” idea to label all goods.

MOSCOW, February 28. /TASS/. The Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko has proposed to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin to return to the discussion of the labeling of bottled water, often produced low-quality products. However, she urged “not to get involved” the idea to label all goods.

“Last time at the meeting with the Prime Minister, we raised the question about the quality of bottled water. It is just a hoax people. Just tap water, where posypaetsya a composition, minerals. This is a shadow turnover, is the name mismatch, because the manufacturers simply do not have access… to the sources”, – said Matvienko at the meeting mishustina with the Council chamber of the Federation Council.

“Let’s get back to this topic, it is health, it is quality and it is a very big business,” she said.

Matvienko also called on the Prime Minister to pay attention to the quality of bottled water, which often does not match the declared on the label. As an example, she cited some foreign company that issues for imported water that “overflows… in Mytishchi”. “Everyone knows that, and law enforcement agencies, and all” – said the speaker of the upper house of Parliament. “It is clear that the rest poured into the basement, sold under the guise of imported water,” she added.


The Chairman of the Federation Council considers it unnecessary labelling of all goods. “But we would ask – now there is a trend of broadening the labeling of manufactured goods – not to get involved,” said Matvienko. “I think we should look [on the possibility of introducing a labelling], where it is reasonable,” she added.

On the marking in Russia

In Russia are testing the marking of products in several industries. From 2019, the mandatory labelling of tobacco products, of shoes and of the medicine, in 2020 it has spread to all medicines. June 1, 2020, the company will have marking of ready dairy products, tires and pneumatic tires, cameras and flash lamp, and five groups of products of light industry.

For marking use two-dimensional code in the format of a Data Matrix, which is applied directly on the product package or product label contains detailed information about the product: product name, manufacturer, date, time, and place of issue.

By 2024 Russia will be created a unified national system of marking and tracking goods. System operator – centre for the development of promising technologies, created on the basis of public-private partnerships.

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