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Matios made a surprise announcement about the MP Semenchenko

Матиос сделал неожиданное заявление о нардепе СеменченкоMatios hinted that Sobolev and Semenchenko are Russian spies.

The Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine – chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios Matios believes that the secret services of the Russian Federation implemented in the Sobolev and Semenchenko their trends and messages.

Matios said that the people’s deputies Sobolev and Semenchenko carry the weight of messeji and trends in Russian intelligence services.

“For me the MP while the MP Yegor Sobolev, and people without names and history under the name of semen Semenchenko, or who he is, Grishin, and Sergey Dontsov, as he was in Donetsk — are not the embodiment of parliamentarians, therefore, to comment on canned deep in the subconscious and assigned to the relevant special services of the Russian Federation trends and messages, I believe, is low for the true Ukrainian,” — said the military Prosecutor

On the question of the journalist, “as such people, if it is true, become deputies?”, he said that is the will of the people.

“This is the will of the people, this thirst for and belief in manna from heaven, when a good slogan pulls the faith of the person who casts the vote. I’m not sure that the same Grishin and Zemin would be able to pass the purgatory of the majority district. They went through the list,” — said Matios.

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