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Matios commented on bribery charges

Матиос прокомментировал обвинение во взяточничествеThe military Prosecutor believes that Bobrovnikovo just bored abroad.

The Deputy Prosecutor General, chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios said that he had not proposed to the journalist Alexey Bobrovnikov a bribe in the sum of 10 thousand dollars. a year ago. About it the military Prosecutor wrote on his page in Facebook.

“I was very surprised by the info from Alexey Bobrovnikov about some 10 thousand bribe. First, it’s definitely not my method. Secondly, all who know the journalist bobrovnikova, I will say that Alex immediately it would explode. And not wait a year in order to dump this info on FB”, – he said.

Matios also noted that “it was a surprise” for him for many reasons.

“I know he tight right now. He is abroad. Without a stable income. But I also know that he is quite an intelligent man who usually tries to plan everything. However, he and the man who for many reasons is rather emotional. So I calmly decided not to commentary the old media, and to ask him what was the matter, where the “duck”is a lie and against whom it is directed against me or against someone else? Maybe he’s with someone settles scores. But BA. It was much simpler: he’s sad, he needs some information on the case Galushchenko,” – said Matios.

“I asked him: it was your idea to get into the trend in the case of Guzhva-Linko (there also appears 10 thousand). Could post it on 20-30-100 thousand but stopped on the trend top-10)) received no Response,” says Matios.

“So I don’t want to spend more time explaining lies. I’m sorry, it was Alex Bobrovnikov. And that’s why I let him to publish the whole, I emphasize, all of our correspondence of yesterday,” wrote the military Prosecutor.

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