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“Masters of horror” made the cover of the storybook Thomas Ligotti

Literary year for fans of horror ends on a very positive note: revision “Astrel-SPb” finally revealed the cover of upcoming book by Thomas Ligotti. This volume we are waiting for since the series “Masters of horror”, but the output it all the time shifted. Now, it seems, is to overcome only the finish line.

As you can guess by the cover, the book includes two collections of Ligotti – acclaimed master of “wird”, a strange and disturbing prose. This lover of puppets and clowns knows a lot about horror, but we (and even officially) published only bits and pieces of his work. “Songs of a dead dreamer. Cartograf” – the first full-length book, Ligotti in Russian. But in fact, two books at once!

Thomas Ligotti – one of the writers working in the horror genre, who during his life published in the prestigious series “Penguin Classics”, thereby officially including in the American literary Canon. It is often called the true successor of Edgar Allan PoE and HP Lovecraft and his works compared with the stories of Franz Kafka, Bruno Schulz and Vladimir Nabokov.
Books, Ligotti influenced many writers, become a source of inspiration for the first season of “True detective” serving as the basis for the monologues of Rust cohle, played by Matthew McConaughey, and the collections “Songs of a dead dreamer” and “Cartograph: his life and work” forever inscribed the name of Ligotti in the Pantheon of horror literature, receiving the highest marks from critics and readers. Decaying cities, different spaces, ancient and unknowable horror, exquisite prose, and splitting the reality in the cracks where you can see the true darkness of the abyss – it is a story of Thomas Ligotti, living legend of horror.

The book is plump, over 700 pages. Most likely, it will cost a lot, but this is the case, when can not get past. Ligotti – writer specific, but for our beloved genre – a real lump. The author has done three prize. Bram Stoker award the International horror Guild, British fantasy award. While all of these statues, of course, is not important. Importantly, as Ligotti can set the reader with a sense of alarm, a “wrong” occurring. Welcome to the irrational world of terror.

A few words from respected people and publications:

This is the most important book in the horror genre for an entire decade.
Ramsey Campbell on “Songs of a dead dreamer”
Put this volume on the shelf between H. p. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan PoE. It was there in his place.
Michael Swanwick
Thomas Ligotti. Genius. The writer, equally unique, as or Lovecraft.
Adam Neville
Texts, Ligotti – as well as stories and Nabokov, writers whom he most resembles is exciting, thoughtful, genuine works of art.
The Guardian
Sleep can leave you forever after reading this book, but believe me, it’s worth it.
Vanity Fair
Ligotti is a brilliant stylist, and in comparison with his works all the other horror stories as harmless as wind-up toys.
The Seattle Times

The book is due for release in late January – early February. Wait!

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